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Update at TCN News

It as been a long time since we wrote anything on our blog page. This is because we have been super busy at TCN, and our time allocation has decreased. So now we don't have time for writing a blog! We will endeavour to find some time to add our thoughts and any exciting things here.

On Friday, our TCN team was super keen to get an edition of the news out before the holidays. So we tried our best in an hour to get as much script writing and filming done. The team worked so hard, that we managed to get all of the video clips that we needed. Unfortunately there was no time for Riley to do any video editing, however Mrs Thompson has taken it home to do. You will be able to see this edition of the news very soon under CURRENT EDITIONS.

Our students are very keen to get paid their owed TCN dollars, because at the end of the year we will have our TCN shop - with really cool stuff in it for sale. The only problem is, our pay clerks have been so busy trying to fit in their script writing, reporting and filming responsibilities, that there has been no time to give out the pays!! We shall have to fix this somehow.

Well, that's it from me at TCN news. Till next time we say, bye for now!!

FUN FACT: did you know, that to produce one edition of the news, it takes around 4-5 hours of video editing time, including uploading to Vimeo and our TCN website? It does depend on the size of the news, for example, it is less for a newsflash with one story in it.

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