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TCN goes on tour to the AIS Primary Teachers' Conference! By Nick, Year 4

On the 2/8/2016 we packed our heavy bags to go to the State Library in Sydney. We left school and drove for at least 2 hours.

We saw the Opera House and we went over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Finally we arrived at the State Library of NSW. Everyone helped unpack the TCN equipment.

The State Library was amazing. It had many books and a beautiful room for reading. We set up the TCN equipment in a room downstairs. Then we looked at some old artifacts from the history section of the library. We also went to the park over the road and had fun looking at the beautiful flowers and trees.

The teachers who wanted to learn about our TCN program walked in curiously, and Mrs Thompson talked about our news program, then we showed the teachers how we film TCN. We asked any teachers if they would like to be on the news. Mrs Donny volunteered. She was amazed at all the good work we do.

Mr Drury, our bus driver, drove us to a spot so we could go to the Opera House because some of us had never been to the Opera House before. The only problem was we had a long walk to get to the Opera House through the Botanical Gardens.

On the way back to the bus, it started to rain, so we had to run to the bus!! On the trip home, we had a big surprise because Mrs Thompson bought 15 ice creams for everyone – with a flake in them! Then we arrived at school at night and we unpacked all the TCN equipment. It was a BIG day out, but it was a day packed with adventure!

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